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Immigration & Refugee Law

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Just Law welcome logo Welcome:
Just Law is just that, a practice devoted to the law. And it is more than that. Because I believe that while justice cannot exist in the absence of the law, not all laws are just. Justice is pro-active, it is responsive, it is fair. Just Law is committed to the idea that sometimes a client's lawyer needs to argue that a given legal policy in society is wrong and needs to be changed, that a particular law which affects his or her client really does have unfair consequences well beyond that particular client.
Just Law welcome logo About Me:
My academic background includes a Juris Doctor from the University of Windsor, a graduate degree in philosophy from the University of Windsor and an undergraduate specialist degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto. I am a former board vice president of a not-for-profit organization that assists asylum seekers and refugees fleeing persecution. I also volunteer my time to a variety of causes as time permits.
Just Law welcome logo About You:
You are an individual or a business looking for a determined and results-oriented professional who understand that no matter how big or small your legal issue is, you want to be heard and to be treated fairly.
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