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Practice Areas:

I practice criminal and immigration law. The following is a summary not an exhaustive description. If you are not sure whether your particular legal issue is an area I practice, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it; I am happy to refer you to another lawyer if it turns out that I do not.

Criminal Law

• Bail Hearings
• Assault
• Domestic Assault
• Theft
• Uttering Threats
• Break & Enter
• Youth Charges
• Permanent residents / Foreign Nationals charged with (a) criminal offence(s). (If you are a permanent resident or foreign national charged with a criminal offence, it is essential that your criminal lawyer is aware of the immigration consequences particular to your matter.The legal consequences for permanent residents and foreign nationals are much different than for Canadian citizens. For explanations of the legal consequences for permanent residents and foreign nationals charged with a criminal offence visit my blog.)
• Etc.

Just Law Criminal Law
Immigration & Refugee Law

Immigration law is another branch of civil law and involves disputes between individuals and immigration authorities.
• Appeals and Applications for Judicial Review
• Sponsorships, Visas, Permits, Refugee Claims,
   Federal Skilled Worker Program
• Deportations or Removal Orders
• Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications
• Etc.

Just Law Immigration Law
Notary Public

• Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Acknowledgements,
   Certifying true copies
• Immigration-related documents: Passport Applications,
   Permanent Residence Card Applications,
   Consent to Travel Documents, etc.

Just Law Notary Public
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